Animation Principles

Activity 3: Animating the Playground (Optional)

5 mins Beginner


Now that you've animated a swinging pendulum from scratch, how about taking it to the next level? Take the knowledge and skills you gained in the previous exercise and apply it to something else you know. What does it remind you of? How about a kid on a swing?

Using Harmony, try animating a child on a swing.

  • Use the Pendulum scene you created.
  • Add a new layer and call it: Swing.
  • Disable the PendulumAnimation layer and use the Path layer to guide your animation.
  • Instead of a pendulum, draw a boy or a girl on a swing.

Remember these key concepts!

  • Path of action
  • Key pose
  • Ease-in
  • Ease-out
  • Keep proportions


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