Animation Principles

Activity 1: Experimenting with Space and Time

30 mins Beginner


This exercise allows you to experiment with the effect of spacing on the timing of an animation.


The sample material contains drawings of a ball as it rolls. Each layer displays drawings at different positions on the path of action to illustrate the effect that spacing has on timing. Only the "mechanical"  layer is displayed by default.

In the "mechanical" layer, each position of the ball is displayed over 21 frames. Use the drawings in this layer to experiment with spacing.

The other layers show the different timing setups, so you should not look at them until you have finished your experiments.

You should not look at these until you have finished your experiments!

  • MO-PRIN-004/01-mechanical.tpl
  • MO-PRIN-004/02-ease-in.tpl
  • MO-PRIN-004/03-ease-out.tpl
  • MO-PRIN-004/04-anticipation.tpl
  • MO-PRIN-004/05-choppy.tpl


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