Animation Principles

Activity 4: Observation and Timing

10 mins Beginner


Observation is key to good animation timing. Observe the people and things around you, and notice how they move. Practice your sense of observation and visualization to improve your sense of timing.

While observing moving things and people, look for these concepts:

  • Ease-in
  • Ease-out
  • Anticipation

With a teammate, use a stopwatch to observe and time the following actions:

  • Jump in place: ________________________
  • A long jump: ________________________
  • One walking step: ________________________
  • Four running steps: ________________________
  • The first bounce of a dropped basketball: ________________________
  • The first bounce of a dropped tennis ball: ________________________
  • Making a complete circle with your arm: ________________________
  • Standing up on a chair: ________________________
  • Sitting on a chair: ________________________
  • Choose your own action: ________________________
  • And another action: _______________________
  • And another action: ________________________


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